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I want to ask you a question?  How do you overcome fear that is plaguing your life. 

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13.03 | 22:39

Praise the Lord saints and hello to family and friends,

If anyone is interested in ordering my books, you can now purchase with your PayPal account.

07.10 | 01:31

I'm glad that my website is still up and running but I need to focus on my blog. I wanted to ask a question to the saints.

What do you think about Acts 2:38

15.08 | 20:55

Praise the Lord saints and friends,
We had a high time in the Lord praising God in Albany, NY. The saints at Church of Jesus Christ is so nice and sweet.

02.01 | 18:09

Praise the Lord,
We thank everyone for visiting our website and showing great interest in the new book. May the Lord continue keep and bless you.

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