How to Survive a Sanctified Marriage

How to Survive a Sanctified Marriage

The devil has given an all-points bulletin to his demons and imps to destroy the family structure that God has ordained.   Satan instructed his evil spirits to wreak havoc in families and take away the basic concept that keeps them together.   The devil commanded demons to go out and do a thorough job on destroying families and causing hatred between husband, wives, and children.  Of course, it is working and families are in turmoil.

 Divorce is on the rise and families are being destroyed.  You can say that Satan has accomplished what he set out to do.  To tear down the very foundation that was established in the beginning when God made man in His own image and made woman to be his help meet.  He has removed love right out of the homes and the family structure is crumbling.  Satan’s influence is so strong that people are living in the same house together without having love.  They can sit at the dinner table without communicating with each another. 

Now let’s talk about the different loves.  In the Greek writings there are four different shades of love. 

The first is Eros Love -  physical passion; it’s sexual gratification and fulfillment; passionate love, with sensual desire and longing.  It is inferred in many scriptures and is the only kind of love that God restricts to a one-man and one-woman in a relationship within the bounds of marriage. 

Eros love is the love that is driven by physical attractions and sexual gratification.  In a healthy relationship, it can be used to bring a husband and wife closer together.  They will have an emotional attachment and eventually their marriage will grow.  God created this kind of passion for a husband and wife as a tool for emotional and spiritual bonding.  It is also used for reproduction; the Bible tells married couples to be fruitful and multiply.  Eros love should accompany the other shades of love to be most effective.  How successful do you think a couple can be with only Eros love?   Here is an example of Eros love only.


When Eros love is present without the inclusion of the other three loves, you will have a relationship that is merely based on sexual attraction.  Most people are attracted to the outward appearance of the opposite sex and only want a sexual relationship.   They aren’t concerned about having a serious relationship.  It is all about fun and games with them.   The only thing that they are interested in is seeking pleasure for themselves and then they will cast you aside.  They aren’t interested in getting to know you or spending time to see if any common interests exist.   Just the pleasure of having sex and after a while it usually fizzles out.


 It is based on my voracious lust with no feelings for that person.   We call that bedroom love.  When Eros love is the only shade of love in this marriage, it is typically doomed.   I heard a prominent preacher give an example of Eros love.  There was a man who didn’t care anything about his wife. 



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